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  • Dino Zeljkovic

Wind Mitigation Report and Process

A wind mitigation inspection is done to determine if a structure’s construction can withstand strong winds such as those present during a severe storm or hurricane and may be required before an insurance company will issue a Homeowner’s Insurance Policy. This form is a 7 question standard form designed to help homeowners save on their insurance costs. Age of the home

  • Home application permit is after March 1st, 2002

Age of the roof

  • Roof application permit is after March 1st, 2002

Roof Geometry

  • Less than 10% of the total roof perimeter has gable or flat features

Roof deck and nail sizing/spacing

  • “8d” nail size spaced every 6 inches

Roof to wall connections

  • Clips, single wraps, double wraps, and structural connection

Underlayment type

  • A self-adhering underlayment known as SWR or peel and stick.

Opening Protection

  • All glazed openings protected by “impact-rated” shutters or other devices. The doors/windows can be “impact-rated” alone but must meet the criteria

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